History of Land Surveyors Board

Land Surveyors Board was formed under the Land Surveyors Act 1958, a corporate body responsible for monitoring of land surveying services and the enhancement of land surveying profession. Since the Act was enacted, licensed land surveyors are allowed to undertake land survey works which before could only be carried out by the Chief Surveyor of Survey Department.

  Land Surveyors Board aim to protect the public by ensuring land survey services provided by licensed land surveyors are conducted in professional and competent manner. This is accomplished through the licensing and monitoring of individuals and firms deemed qualified to practice.

  Over the years, Land Surveyors Board has embarked into various restructuring programs and modernization process in order to improve its services. Land Surveyors Board continuously amends the provisions of the Act to help allow the Board to serve the public and the licensed land surveyors more efficiently.