Welcome Message by Chairman

In this information age, the requirements and expectations of consumers are rapidly changing with time and becoming more complex due to improved educational levels and various information avenues available to them. As a result, consumers are more knowledgeable and discerning in their choice of services including matters pertaining to properties. The ongoing trend in the services sector leads to increased competitiveness including those of land surveying services. As a provider of these services, it is imperative that land surveyors, under the auspicious of the Board, place a premium emphasis on the quality of their services to ensure that these complex needs and expectations are fulfilled.   

As on previous occasions, the Board will continue to assist Land Surveyors in providing facilities and fundings in order to enhance their image and professionalism . Nonetheless, at the same time, Land Surveyors are urged to be more innovative and productive in providing services to their clients without compromising on ethics and the prescribed regulations. Their adherence will ensure that they provide value added services thus be more competitive in a conducive environment for the benefit of all concerned.

In this respect, lifelong learning is viewed as a requisite by which land surveyors are able to keep abreast with ever changing technological advancements in land surveying and cadastral environment. It is therefore vital for land surveyors to participate in various Continuing Educational and Professional Development programmes to ensure the attainment of this objective.

The ongoing close cooperation and cordial relations among the Board, Licensed Land Surveyors and the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia and other related agencies have helped to create a harmonious environment in the spirit of mutual understanding and respect. The Board, on its part, have always resolved to provide quality services in order to be effective and transparent in maintaining its integrity. By providing quality services, the Board will be able to foster better understanding and cordial relationship with all parties concerned thereby enhancing the land surveying profession.