Application as an Articled Pupil
To qualify as an Article Pupil, one must:
Apply to the Secretary of the Board to be an articled pupil for the minimum period of two years using form LJT6 and Articles (Sixth Schedule). Application must be done by a licensed land surveyor.
Graduate with educational qualifications (Malaysia) | (Oversea) recognised by the Board.
Submit form with:-
  • Educational certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of citizenship (MyKad)
  • Fee of RM100
Period and Condition of Articles
An Articles shall be for a period of two years and shall be drawn up in the form as prescribed in the Sixth Schedule.
Before a person enter into an Articles, he shall produce evidence that he has obtained a qualification recognized by the Board.
No licensed land surveyor shall take any articled person under an Articles unless he has been registered for more than five years with the Board.

Articles to be forwarded to Secretary
A licensed land surveyor shall, within three months from the date of execution of the Articles, forward the Articles to the Secretary together with the educational certificate, birth certificate, proof of citizenship of the articled person and the fee for registration of Articles.

Registration and annulment of Articles
The Secretary, subject to the direction of the Board, shall as soon as possible after the receipt of any Articles under regulation 14, register such Articles in the Register kept in accordance with regulation 12.
The Board shall direct the Secretary to refuse the registration of any Articles if :-
  • The requirements under regulation 14 are not complied with; or
  • The licensed land surveyor has five articled persons.
The Board may annul the registration of any Articles, if such registration has been obtained by means of fraud, false representation or concealment of any material fact, or if such registration was affected by reason of mistake or error.